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re: You're welcome. *WATP*
10/02/2013, 18:08:14

    Garrigue the Smith writes:

    Thanks for your help again man. So far i have not come across any major problems, though I am keeping my eyes on things all the time, as I guess there are probably going to be some unpleasant technical surprises that I'll need to sort out in order to complete the game. Well, let's hope not. I am still in the first half of the game i believe, all my characters have gone through the first promotion. So now it's time to go shoot for the second one.

    The party I'm playing is Gladiator, Paladin, Priest and Lich. Or at least that's the direction towards which i'm going. This is the party formation that i have been playing since M&M 6, just instead of the Gladiator there was a Knight i think. And it's always showed up to be a good choice. Let's see how we'll do here . It's a good balance of brutes and magical characters. I didn't want to go for a pure magical party because at some point you might miss the brute force of fighters, and so the party i chose gives you a nice balance to enjoy all that.

    So far when it comes to the overall impression of the actual game, i regret to say that it is truly embarrassing, yeah i think that's the right word, an embarrassment. 3DO were a really talented bunch of folks, and it is a huge shame to end such a legendary series with this piece. Hopefully M&M X will be better than this, though under the wings of Ubisoft, I have big doubts. I hope i am wrong in my doubts, and they will not bury this great series completely.

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