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@Peter2: Thanks for the tips
10/06/2013, 06:04:27

    Garrigue the Smith writes:

    Thanks for the tips man. One of the reasons i have chosen a paladin instead of a ranger or assassin, apart from sticking to my traditional party formation since MM6, is because I also want to enjoy a little bit more of a challenge . When i was deciding about this I thought this may actually make the game a little longer, and hopefully, more enjoyable because you'd have to work for it a bit more.

    I have just finished that quest where i was supposed to get the second part of the Lich Instructions parchment. Cleansed the whole Chasm of the Dead, those darn mummies in the last room required some strategy . In my experience, M&M RPG series were a lot about strategy in most cases . But it's all done now, Chasm is toast, and as you said, this is actually not the end of the quest. Gotta actually find a way how to become a Lich. Which is good because it's just another challenge, i can't wait for it though . I don't know how to Lichify my character at the moment, but I will eventually find out . See these kinds of things I like because some of the quests are not that easy.

    So far i came across a couple of quests where I was like emmmm whaaat?? Is that it?? You know these kinds of moments which make the game look stupid, and make you as a player feel stupid. So I hope there is going to be more quests which are not going to make it easy for you . I do not have high expectation of this game, i think it's better that way, because then ultimately if the game surprises you, it can only be a pleasant surprise. It's a big shame though, this game has a potential, it's just not used not even from the half of it.

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