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I can add a bit more here....
07/15/2012, 12:27:09

    Bones writes:

    I can get you started if you have a lot of time to dedicate to the project. There is a fairly steep learning curve -- unless, perhaps, if you're already familiar with the LithTech2 system. There's documentation for this as well as some old forums and tools.

    Another other part of the learning curve is the system of flags and triggers involved with an event-driven game such as an RPG. Then there's the scripting language and its implementation to learn. Neither of these have documentation aside from what notes I've assembled. There are a few more bugs that could be addressed by working with these alone.

    There at least one bug that can't be fixed with any of the means above. That's a targeting bug in the game engine code. Without the source code that could only be hacked by someone who was really good at reading Intel machine code.

    The first step in any event would be get the LithTech2 tools and figure out how to extract the resources in such a way the MM9 can use them. Post back here when you get past that hurdle. Start by reading the threads at the link below.


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