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07/17/2012, 06:04:26

    Blitzee writes:

    ...I wasn't able to find maya 4. I'm not letting my hands down, though, i will still be on a look for it.

    Right now, i started identifying the scripts, saw some of them were edited by you, Bones, like the orb of linking. Anyway, what does this line mean?: Purpose : turn into a weirdo lookin rastafied evil terror eye thing with big pointy teeth. And why is armor section left empty? Because of the time the programmers were given? And it was planned to do the peasants attackable + police? Damn, the more i read the scripts, the more i see was left out of the game :/ But i can say one thing, it looks a bit like C++ (i just know the very basics of it)

    By the way, what was the file name of the script that is "impossible" to fix?

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