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Unfortunately not.....
01/23/2012, 15:15:04

    Ossie writes:

    Hey Bones - long time! Unfortunately I don't know what the file name is. After many years I got the urge to fire up MM9 again: "Oh wow, this will be fun on my whizz-bang new system running Windows 7 & heaps of RAM - those long load screens were pretty annoying. I hope it works but I'm sure I've seen posts on the Tavern about compatability". "Yay it works!". "Hmmm it freezes on the load screen. I'm sure I saw a post about that. Ah yes: alt-tab". "Gee all this alt-tabbing is pretty annoying - I wonder if there's another fix?". "Unbelievable - there's a fix right here on the top page on the Tavern!". "Dammit - megaupload has been shut down *THE DAY BEFORE* I loaded this grrrrrrrrrrrrrr".

    In short, no I never had the file previously so dont know what it might have been called.

    ps Hi to all the Tavern regulars!

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