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some findings
07/14/2003, 01:22:58

    Dragon King writes:

    In the wilderness and towns all NPC's and sprites are solid black, but the correct shape. Also barrels and small plants (flowers and herbs) are solid black but, again, the correct shape. The one pedestal that I saw (Fire resistqance, I think), was solid black (correct shape), but the obelisk is correct shape and color.

    In the wine cellar, the barrels are correct shape and color as well as the torches. (incedentally the camp fire near the obelisk is correct shaoe and color.

    Other small items on the outside (broken cart, rocks, trees, ect) are all correct shape and color, as well as the bridge.

    I wasn't able to do to much inside the wine cellar as I came to a dead end and couldn't find the "secret door". I can see (on the mini-map) that there is alot beyond that wall. If you'll tell me how to get through that I'll explore that wine cellar more fully. I'm sure I could do it on my own (sooner or later).

    Hope this helps and again, keep up the good work. BTW: I' located in Olongapo City, Philippines (retired U.S. Navy and retired Jr. College Instructor - Central Texas College) so my time is about twelve hours out of sync with yours.

    Best regards John Brand aka Dragon King

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