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Thanks for the feedback...could I ask a favour?
07/13/2003, 20:44:25

    Sir Felgar writes:

    I'm determined to nail down this "black sprites" issue once and for all. If you have time, could you check the following things for me?

    Firstly - are the sprites the correct shape, but pure black in colour or are they normal colours but with a black box round them?

    Is it just NPCs that are black? Do the other 2d objects outside appear ok (barrels, flowers etc?).

    If you go into the Dungeon (Wine Cellar) do the sprites look ok (NPCs & torches for example?).

    Specifically in the dungeon - there are two paintings (of Goats - Meh!) on the walls of the High Priests room. Do they look ok? (If you're not sure where they are - let me know).

    Sorry lots of questions - but I could really do with some feedback on this problem. If you'd rather E-mail me than reply here then my E-mail address is:

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the demo. You'd be surprised how up to date your programming skills might actually be - the demo was entirely coded using the wonderful Blitz3D ( which uses good old fashioned BASIC syntax with a smattering of C type structure thrown in.

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