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New graphics etc.
07/12/2003, 10:38:49

    Sir Felgar writes:

    Regarding new graphics and monsters etc.

    It's all down to who gets involved in the project and what their skills are. If we get people involved with 3D modelling and 2D art skills then expect loads of new stuff.

    If not then I would expect as a minimum - new items (weapons, armour, quest items etc), SOME new monsters, new buildings & dungeon graphics etc. as I already have plans for these in place.

    Yeah - you're not the first to comment about the footstep noise - best I could do at short notice!

    The rain is very dependant on your graphics card (on my GF3 Ti200 the frame rate goes up when I turn the rain on!). The rain is only experimental and may not make it into any game (although, I like it!).

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