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This is great!
07/12/2003, 09:03:47

    Apeman writes:

    And there I lost all hope for Might and Magic.

    Not any more, amazing demo sir Felgar, combining the best of mm6-8 with a better graphics from mmIX.

    Few small details, nothing big but I didn't like the footstep sounds it didn't sound realistic. When turning on the rain and then turn around it kinda lags a little, this happens not without rain (could be my 800 mhz thunderbirt though).

    As for everything else, it looks plain awesome.

    One question though: if this project goes further (hoping hoping hoping) will the artwork be the same as mmVI-mmVIII, I'm thinking about weapon graphics and monster and all, or is there a possibility that there will be new monsters, weapons, armor etc etc.

    Great stuff!

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