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thanks for the feedback...
07/11/2003, 06:40:38

    Sir Felgar writes:

    Larger map sizes are certainly possible although I would envisage the size of map included in the demo being about the right size for a single outdoor area.

    The music is by Bjorn Lynne from his website Check it out as he has lots of music available for download.

    2D graphics - the original intention was to create an engine that would allow graphics of at least a similar quality and style to MM6-8, hence the 2D sprites.

    If there are lots of 3D modellers and animators out there who wish to get involved then great we can go the fully 3D route but I suspect this is unlikely.

    MM games never were about a cutting edge 3D engine - it was always about the game itself, the story, character development, combat, skills, spells etc. IMHO.

    The walking sound was the best I could come up with at the time. Interestingly the “walking on wood” sound was “borrowed” from a very high profile, well known commercial game. So if you don’t like it blame them

    Regarding the memory problem – let me know what spec PC you have (especially how much RAM you have).

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