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I got too D/L it using the D/L manager. Anyhow my two cents worth...
07/11/2003, 00:21:21

    Yaminoxi writes:

    Map terrain is *Excellent* I reckon if that is the "Average" size of a map I cant wait to explore a full sized one.
    Also a massive desert would be absolutely fantastic! You could get lost and die from starvation if your not carefull!

    Music fits in perfectly! (even though it is midi!) I must say music is my most favourite part in a game becuase you may have to listen to it for a looong time.

    The 2d models I hope your not going actually use they are way outdated.

    And the walking sound is yuk! Maybe you could impliment a walk volume or change the sound all together it sounds mushy even when you walk on the wood.

    And I came across a problem involving memory. My screen went to desktop. And came up with a message "Out of Memory Range".

    But besides that Its F**K*N GREAT! Keep it up.

    lol btw I like the cemetry head stones nice touch

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