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Glad you enjoyed it!
07/11/2003, 05:55:04

    Sir Felgar writes:

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the E-mail. To be honest, I'm surprised it even ran on an 8MB graphics card! I'll reply to your E-mail shortly.

    Tom Crusoe and his fellow castaway are a mix of Robinson Crusoe and Tom Hanks. I used Tom Hanks because I was watching the film Castaway at the time I coded this bit.

    There are more "in-jokes" in the demo, (especially if you live in the UK - the whole Bucklefast Abbey and tonic wine story takes on a different light!). I always enjoyed these "oddities" in MM games, hence their inclusion.

    I can't believe someone actually went to the trouble of completing it! Enjoy your certificate

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