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This has all the makings for adventure!
07/10/2003, 15:13:28

    Fander Treespook writes:

    You bring flickers of hope to a heart hardened by preparing for the worst....!

    Where to start! I am simply amazed!

    Sir Felgar, you have made a terrific demo! I have played it through and explored the map and I have only good things to say! From the most beautiful landscape to the Son of David Lee Roth singing just a gigolo/ain`t got nobody and the Freedeo tombstone inscriptions, I really felt like part of another MM. I was expecting Nicole Kiddy Friedman to be Tom Crusoe`s fellow castaway, though

    To answer your question: YES this is worth pursuing! Very much so! I will try to give you some tech-feedback via email later tonight, but be warned.....I`m not much of a techoe...:o

    The link provided below is to my game certificate...*LOL*

    You have my deepest respect, Sir Felgar!

    Related link: It says 8 days, Score: 12688, heh!

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