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Funny??? things about MM8 ver 2.0
04/05/2004, 05:47:46

    Lord of Light writes:

    -3 pirates captains on 3 ships are a bit extra, are they?
    -before going to ravenshore to fight the invading pirates, remember to go someother place to take your money from the bank. Pirates do rob everything, if you know what i mean.
    -the crusaders of garrote gorge are helpful, if you are overcomed by nagas, run towards them, and watch as they help you fight.
    -hey, dragon pets of the crusaders are not loyal. Even when you ally with the dragons, they are still friendly towards you.
    -the shopkeepers do have a temper eh? walk in and out with 10000 gold to try them.
    -you never see zanthora, do you?
    -the throne room of the temple of the sun is really bright!
    -hatchlings are real wimpy, great wryms are real tough. If there's deftclaw redreaver to fight. Old Loeb is also powerful.
    -dark elven crusaders and minotaurs crusaders are only seen in the arena, they are the purple type.
    -until now, i think that the arena is always very empty.
    -is there really a giant in plane between planes? the shield seems to have nothing in or on it.

    Well, thats ver 2. I think thats for now. Come for version 3 another day. :p

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