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01/01/2016, 10:04:30

    Jack1 writes:

    I tried AAAC in mm7 and it simply was not my playstyle. I abandoned them halfway through the game. THis constant backing firing was annoying for me and i noticed no matter how hard i tried i always ended up in malee maybe i wasnt trying hard enough I wanted to go solo Dark ELf in MM8 but there are some issues with GM Bow. Sometimes I like the game not to be balanced all the time as it feels boring. Lways TP, Fly, Invisibility, LB. Sometimes I like trying parties just for fun...sometimes I discover not every party is foreverybody... like AAAC was not for me. Im currentlygoing solo Lich in mm8 and KKKCin mm7. Wanted to go first KKKK but it would not be a good idea. Friend is doing PPPP though. I wander what things will look like... cheers guys!!! Long live MM

    ehh...banned again

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