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04/05/2014, 19:29:09

    Ossie writes:

    To be honest I hadn't seen the update - after completing the game sadly I haven't bothered to even load it up again.

    Having just checked the updates, it appears several minor bugs have been addressed, but nothing is mentioned on the two major mainline quest-killing bugs that were encountered. I can only assume they either don't know how, or aren't planning to, fix them.

    Even though I can avoid the game-killing bugs, I'm not inclined to replay it at all at the moment. Part of this was the extremely poor experience I had first time around, & partially it's just not a game that inspires me to replay: the other characters won't add much to the replay experience, & the turn-based mode makes it fairly linear & impossible to run around the map using the knowledge you have learned from the first playthrough, so game #2 is going to play pretty much exactly as game #1, as will game #3 etc etc.

    Maybe in time I'll want to revisit it, and looks like there's also a new chapter released with the latest patch. But the short answer is no, it doesn't fix the issues I have with it.

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