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MMX Questions
02/25/2014, 14:02:38

    EagleScout writes:

    I have not started MMX yet as I am finishing up Heroes of Might & Magic VI first. That said, I am used to the issues with UPLAY and Ubisoft. I am also going through Steam. Took me a while to get used to them, but now they are not so bad. At least UPLAY allows me to upgrade items for my HOMM VI heroes.

    I to have an upgraded gaming machine that will let me play Skyrim at high graphics level so the machine should not be an issue. My question is the operating system. I am running Windows Professional 7. I have read that issues occur with anything under Windows 8. Is this so? Do I need to upgrade before MMX or do you think they will put out a patch? I am waiting before getting MMX to make sure most of the patches are in.

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