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I took a look at Ossie's complaints
02/23/2014, 00:54:34

    Dunerider The War Troll writes:

    I haven't come across any of the bugs he was referring to. I use Windows 8 on this PC and it seems to be ok. I play it at max graphics, which by the way are AMAZING!!! The load times between areas seems to drag a little bit but that is about it.

    There are SO many comparisons to World of Xeen its ridiculous. The gameplay, the grid system, the turn based combat, the world map, the dungeons, heck even wandering just a bit too far and finding an enemy that is WAY too powerful.

    There are obvious connections to older Might and Magic games. In fact one of the spanning quests is a DIRECT link to Might and Magic 8 in a sense. Some of the lore books you find describes the older games too.

    I'm maybe halfway through the game, currently doing a promotion quest for my orc. Its thoroughly challenging and I highly recommend quicksaving often.

    The Ubisoft thing can be annoying, but after getting used to Steam, Origin, and now this, it isn't that bad. You can turn off the emails and whatnot during the installation of Uplay, so I don't really get a lot of spam. It runs in the background and other than the "achievements" you can get I don't really know its there. If you have a weaker computer I wouldn't suggest it without upgrades.

    Overall my experience thusfar has been over the top. When I find myself thinking about the game all day at work that's when I know I've found a good one.

    BTW, sorry for the novel

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