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thing to remember in all fights, that could help you.
09/05/2013, 21:47:32

    MarisVetra writes:

    Or someone else reading this post - basic concepts in hard fights when fighting a mob:
    1)First one is hardest to kill
    For example fighting 7 monsters 1st one is hardest, because you suffer so much damage, and dont have enough time to deal damage. When you kill it, 2nd monster should be much easier, 3rd should be twice as easy as first one. So basic tip - kill 1 and go heal, then return and kill 2nd one, do so until you can stand against them without need to go back. It really shouldnt take much time, after 2nd-3rd ones.

    2)Kill the weakest first - by killing weakest monsters first you reduce damage that you take in fight troughout and also you make fight easier for you, to not have to risk so much killing strong monster.

    3)Use combat tactics like trying to confuse opponents - going behind corners where they cant see you, charming them, berzerking, using arrows from afar before entering melee combat(or fireballs before incinirates or whatever mages have there, i usually play might

    3)If you tryed first three steps and you still cant kill the single monster - go to alchemist/magic item shop and get all scrolls/potions/wands you can get(like resistances, divine cures, berzerk, charm, enslave, power cure, wands of single/multiple target damage, paralysis, hour of power) and try again using all you have on first monster.

    4)If still no luck maybe try to get some expirience and more levels and next time you come you wont have any trouble at all! There could be huge difference between level 25 and 27 while from first glance you might think its nothing much.

    I hope that will be helpful to anyone else but original poster, i just remembered i am responding to half-a-year old post

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