The MM8 Tavern
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Hmm, now, I didn't look into the details, but for my part...
07/01/2013, 16:49:45

    Serena writes:

    ...the game line just broke at IX where the whole story line was revamped. The thing I personally liked about 6, 7 & 8 was the whole continuity.. The way the peasants in 6 would mention the queen, who'd flown off to Erathia and the mentions of Regna, which is at long last revealed in 8. 9 and expecially 10 just had none of that at all... I noticed that the setup looked familiar, ad I might actually give it a go, but wouldn't expect it to be any kind of match to either the classics nor the other new games around: MM I play for the nostalgia really, but apart from that bit, my attention tends to be drawn towards stuff like Diablo II & III or WoW instead

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