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Classes revealed
09/08/2011, 09:46:42

    Maestro writes:

    Classes revealed

    Now we can tease you with our new classes. It will be VERY unusual, VERY hard to understand but also VERY interesting and endless possibility for experiments.

    Party generation will be dependent of a player one charecter by one - so you could have 1-5 members in your party dependent of a difficulty settings and your skills. Every difficult setting will provide it's own "tactics" so you'll have toexperiment with it cause mobs will be differ.

    We will got 7 (14) classes with their strong, weak and "interesting" specialisations. why 14 you will ask - every class got 2 ways of development... read more...

    death knight - combat class with defensive stance or offensive stance.

    forester - ranged clerical warrior with crossbow specialisation and enchantment or self-defencive stance.

    healer - clerical class with true clerical build or monk type fighter.

    sorcerer - pure elemental class with elemental powers or sorcery enchantment and summoning skills.

    shaman - heretic lizardman class with witchcrafting skills and voodoo magic, agile and vital warrior or dismal witch doctor.

    battle mage - elemental paladin class, no clerical magic, could be magical fighter with passively activated spell attacks or draw magician with spellbreaker ability and magic consuming skills.

    druid - cleric + mage in one, could draw power from elemental skills or clerical skills.
    every class would have 2 skill builds that couldn't be activated at the same time, one build will have it's own benefits and restrictions at the same time - you will have to decide what is better for you - greater healing and magical powers or combat abilities, good rnged gamage or evasion and defence, magic resistance or clash power etc.
    we will bring back "unarmed", "dodge" skills, will add new skill "aura" that will work opposite to regeneration and recover your mana points over time. regeneration skill will be enhanced, many other skills will be changed and revised.

    almost all skills now will be synergy with other skills and work as "combo-skills" allowing your charecter to use some new class specialisations works only for this single class and no more.
    maybe we will try to made all this changes optional.

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