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As promised, ...
06/30/2011, 18:58:21

    Peter2 writes:

    ... I'm sitting here with a glass of Scotch in my hand. Your astonishing good health, both of you! *drinks* Get well soon, and I hope the pain eases quickly.

    Yes, I agree, keep the lawyers out of it.

    I'm in the IP profession, as you know, and going to court is always the last resort. I'm told by those who should know that patent cases are among the costliest and least certain of any form of civil litigation. It's always cheaper to reach some out-of-court settlement if at all possible. Of course, sometimes it isn't possible.

    You might enjoy this one. I was involved in a patent litigation case in Germany many years ago, and our patent attorney told us this story. His son had recently graduated in law. A wealthy friend gave him (the son) a weather-vane as a graduation present. It was in the shape of a cow, with one silhouette of a man pulling on the tail and another pulling on the horns. The post holding the vane up was in the form of a figure in lawyer's robes, milking the cow. My acquaintance advised his son NOT to have this mounted above his house!

    Anyway, as I say, Get Well Soon!

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