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That's an interesting approach, but IMO suffers from one big disadvantage.
03/15/2018, 08:58:50

    Peter2 writes:

    It's perfect for real-time play, but it's very poor for turn-based play. The classic example of this is in MM6 when you finally get to the room in the Control Centre that is packed with robots Patrollers, Enforcers and the utterly lethal Terminators. In turn-based play, you can identify the Terminators and take them out individually with Shrapmetal. In real-time play (I've tried this out) the swarming robots move around so that they shield each other, and you have to do a lot of damage to all of them before any of them start dropping. This takes time, and during that time, those deadly bolts are arriving from the Terminators. I never succeeded in clearing the room before Terminator attacks got through the defences of all my 4 characters, resulting in instant eradication.

    Blasters are almost useless in turn-based play because each attack does so little damage.

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