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I know you've already decided, but........
03/14/2018, 07:13:03

    Ossie writes: of my favourite themes for games I've maxed out extensively is the "meta-game". Where you know where things will end up and choose the most "efficient" path. For instance, you know that you'll end up using blasters, so there's no point sinking any skill points into any other weapon skills than Ancient Weapons once you get it. This can even go as far as Might won't ultimately matter, because blasters are driven entirely by speed, so that's what you focus on from the start. Those blasters will be 2-handed? No point ever investing in Shield. Money will eventually become a non-issue? (usually MM7 not MM6!). No skill points ever wasted in Merchant. You're eventually going to hire a Scholar & keep until the end? Nobody can learn Identify.

    This game is all about making the early-mid & even late game challenging, then blowing through the final stages once you finally gain the skill you've been avoiding, and some of those periphery skills have instead been building up in the meantime. But good luck with your choice!

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