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Solo Archer - a very enjoyable toon
10/31/2016, 14:18:13

    Jacko writes:

    Just a few loose thoughts.

    I was a little sceptical about this toon but now I must admit I quite enjoy her!

    She alternates between 3 bows depending on situation:
    - of darkness
    - of carnage
    - ulisses

    Each of the above seems to have their own merits and sitautional use.

    Daggers also prove useful as malee encounters are unavoidable - of dragon and of darkness;

    I am thinking now of multilooting for a second of darkness exquisite dagger.

    Bow of darkness - the speed difference is quite noticeable - with Haste potion it packs quite a punch. Ulisses and of carnage undr same circumstances (haste potion) are slower and I can see it.

    anyways, solo archer is a cool toon I like her as much as I did my solonecro

    Ehh...I wander when I hit 60 yrs of age if I will still be playing MM games...

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