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Eye of the Beholder
11/01/2016, 08:15:26

    Peter2 writes:

    This was a series of 3 games based closely on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) RPG system. The first one, Eye of the Beholder (EOB1) was good, the second, The Legend of Darkmoon (EOB2) was superb, but the third, Assault on Myth Drannor (EOB3) was IMO disappointing. It was not a bad game in absolute terms, but it suffered when compared to the other two. One reviewer wrote The game has become slower, more depressive and less intriguing. The only ones whome I would recommend to play it, are those who played the first two episodes and simply cannot leave half way through... and I agree with him.

    Possibly this happened because Westwood Studios were involved in the first two, but not the third.

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