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it is unbelivable
10/28/2016, 04:34:31

    Jacko writes:

    Still clvl 20 and ravaging Titan Stronghold in Avlee.

    I left nothing standing, walking, breathing.

    This with only a solo toon and Master Bow at slvl 10

    I got all I need in terms of equipment aside from Chain Mail with hefty AC bonuns so I am multilloting to get this!

    I also go my second exquisite dagger of the dragon so I wil dualwield these two or one of darkness and one of the dragon - i will have to see how it works in combat.

    With Master level in learning and scholar cap titan stronghold netted me i guess 6 or 7 levels.

    Now I need to get all my skills to target values and mastery levels. Next main quest line, archer promo and back to Harmondale to clear all areas and complete all quests.

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