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I need to see my MM7 solo necro score
10/28/2016, 06:53:55

    Jacko writes:

    But it will not be too good as I always clean everywhere and everything and it takes time and sometimes I wait for respawn to get higher levels or to clean "fun" areas - demanding and challenging.

    Another thing that I do - I get max Learnign that I can with max bonus that I can reach before killing anything.

    Usually first I do quests with invisibility / fly without killing . or simply running and reloading if need be

    Once I am fully set up, I g back to original point of departure and start killing

    Which is why now I need to do master archer promo - it wil be fun to come back to Harmondale with 2 x exquisite dagger of the dragon and griffin bo of carnage

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