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That's right
12/31/2015, 17:32:30

    Ossie writes:

    If you don't have TP, no way to get to Nighon without moving through the Connecting Tunnels again. If you know the way through the Tunnels, I guess it's not all *that* long, but it's long enough.

    Off the top of my head, it MAY be possible to do everything you want in Nighon in one visit, then go into the Eeofol tunnel & portal back from Eeofol, and not have to visit Nighon again. But your party needs to be pretty advanced for the Maze (and *really* advanced if you want to clear everything on the map & take on the Megadragon). So you'd be leaving Nighon until quite late.

    If you want TP without taking a Sorceror, Archer and Druid can both get Water Magic to Master level. Druid could also be your backup healer, although to answer your question I've played the game with a single Cleric as healer many times. Ypu just need scrolls/potions for the times your Cleric goes down. And ALWAYS keep Regeneration active!

    Of course, you could also just hire a Gate Master every time you wanted to get back to Nighon

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