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you are right
01/01/2016, 09:27:44

    Jack1 writes:

    So Gatemaster could be a "solution" to this problem. Scholar + gatemaster.

    besides the last time i played it was KTPA /i finished the game with them, it was a really nice balanced party for me/ so i really want to try something different.

    I dont play for high score. I just want something different and maybe more of a challenge.

    besides i always get TP and LB and fly so want to try a different angle. 4 x sorcerer in mm6, solo lich in mm8 atm.

    i tried AAAC but it just was not my style. Although my friend showed my these guys late game and they r awesome but it is a matter of getting there.

    so we figured out we will take different routs now. Crazy u might say. So im doing KKKC and he is going PPPP one P all body second all spirit 3rd 4th all GM mace.

    I will post my progress in this thread. I know its not optimal but since it is so different i already start enjoing it which is what it should be about. Just as i love my solo lich.

    When done with KKKC i will try SSSS or SSSC maybe

    Scholar and gatemaster can actually be all the time as learning doesnt make much of a difference in mm7. I used to have scholar and instructor in KTPA and these guys didnt make much of a difference.

    Armsmaster could be good for KKKC but only +3 to armsmaster will not make much of a difference regarding maxed GM light buffs.

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