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Running round in circles
08/01/2014, 09:32:25

    Peter2 writes:

    I think we all do that! The great advantage of the M&M games is that they are non-linear. If you get stuck on one particular problem, you can always go and do something else until you work out what to do. In a linear game, like the old Eye of the Beholder series, you were completely stuck until you could solve the problem in front of you. I remember it taking me two evenings to get past one room in EOB2, and it wasn't until I spotted a tiny variation in the pattern on some of the floor tiles that I worked out what to do.

    That was a problem with some of the early adventure games. I remember being outside a locked house, once. I searched the garden (and found a flower), I searched my pockets (and found a handkerchief and a couple of other items I cannot remember), but there was no sign of a key or anything I could use to either pick the lock or break the door down. It wasn't until much later that I realised that I had to smell the flower, the pollen would make me sneeze, and only when I pulled the handkerchief out of my pocket would I find the key! But you couldn't find the key by searching your pockets, oh no, that would be much too easy!

    That was a problem with Space Quest 4, too. The first 3 Space Quests were superb games, but the fourth oh dear me! The thing you had to do in the opening scenario was catch this blasted rabbit. To do so, you had to find a rope, hide in one particular alcove with the rope in a loop just outside, and wait for the rabbit to hop past and I never found any sort of clue that this particular alcove was the only one that offered success. I never bothered with the game after that, it was too much like hard work.

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