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If you have the "Invisibility" spell . . . ***maxispoiler***
08/18/2014, 10:50:45

    Peter2 writes:

    . . . there is a trick you can play in the Titan Stronghold in Avlee. Make sure all your party have bows and the bow skill. If you can find a bow of Carnage, so much the better.

    Cast Invisibility, and save your game. Enter squeezing past the Titans you meet without bumping into them, go left at the first junction, go left again at the next crossroads, and follow your nose round the corner into a long corridor. (About half-way up is a room off to the right. It's probably advisable to clear this room; you don't want to be interrupted in what you do next. Incidentally, there is a superb bow in there the Perfect Bow which is part of the 2nd Archer promo quest for both Light and Dark paths.)

    You will see a bunch of Titans up ahead of you at a junction. Hold down the "A" key, and inch very, very slowly forward until you start to register hits with your bows. Stop immediately, and hold down the "A" key. (To explain there is a very narrow region in which you can just hit the Titans with arrows, and they cannot see where the arrows are coming from, so they just mill around there in confusion.) Eventually, they will all drop, and you can loot the corpses. Save before you loot, and if you don't get a bow of Carnage, reload and try again.

    Now you can really go hunting, because the bow of Carnage casts Fireball when it hits, so you don't actually have to hit your target to damage it. Just firing into the room usually works quite well *evil grin*. You can clear almost the whole place like this with a party of level 15-20, for lots of experience and goodies.

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