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The thing that seriously disappointed me about MM7 was that ...
05/09/2012, 09:43:13

    Peter2 writes:

    ... no party could simultaneously gain access to both Light and Dark Magics. This totally killed my pig.

    Also, I felt that the people who designed the scenario had been unnecessarily restrictive about the levels of skill that various characters could reach. Two points in particular:
    (1) the druid needed a large number of skill points to become fully developed, and the fully developed character was distinctly underpowered, and
    (2) I felt it unnecessarily restrictive that only 1 other character apart from the Thief could get above "expert" in Disarm.

    I was also disappointed that there wasn't more in the Temple in the Bottle. It doesn't begin to compare with the NWC dungeon in MM6. If you go to the trouble of designing a dungeon, put something in it, for heaven's sake!

    Having said all that, I am still of the opinion that MM7 in many ways is a superb game. It's ingenious, well put together (you can always find a shop open, for example), and you have that superb battle to clear The Pit if you're playing the Light Path. I just don't particularly enjoy it.

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