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01/30/2012, 17:36:53

    Gandalf919 writes:

    1. The only thing that was changed about magic is the things you mentioned. There is a new system to portal around until the actual spell is available and if you make it to Celeste, Nighon or the Pit you CAN portal to those locations even before doing the Archmage quest.
    2. There is no Dark path or Lich promotion but as part of a quest you will be given Dark magic and the Pit becomes your ally (but if you kill any citizen of the Pit after this all bets are off). Who can have Light magic hasn't changed AFAIK, but all magic users get Dark magic when available,
    3. Only the names have been changed(to protect the innocent?)All skills and mastery remain the same.
    4. The Coding Wizard will give you the opportunity to change class at some point, each class has 3 choices to change to. And you can still gives points to old skills after the change you just can't receive the promotions.

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