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Maestro MOD / Rev 4 mod
01/29/2012, 08:58:16

    Hissatsu writes:


    Been a long time since i played M&M. I heard about a mod that is supposedly changing some classes and i was going to give it a try. Problem is, cant find a good description of what is changed and how. So, those who played that Maestro MOD / Rev4 mod, can you please clarify

    1) From what i understand, magic was seriously crippled, can someone explain exatcly what was changed (except that town portal isnt available until archmage promotion is done and master of elemental magic requires a quest before he trains you)?

    2) You cannot go dark path but can have liches and dark magic - how does it exactly work?
    - You get no quest to choose a judge, or can only choose white judge?
    - The Pit (darkside city) is always hostile to you? Do shops work however?
    - Who can have dark magic and who can have light magic?
    - Sorcerers can choose who to advance into but other classes cant?

    3) Classes were changed - how? I assume list of available skills and available levels of mastery changed? Can i find a list of changes somewhere?

    4) Changing a class - how does it work? I understand you cannot advance your skills (like E->M) but are you allowed to at least spend points on the skills your new class doesnt have (like after paladin->archer, can i increase my body magic skill?)


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