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I've got the DOS versions of MMs 1-6 and SoX from the MM6 Limited Edition that I bought in ca. 1998.
04/07/2020, 04:53:50

    Peter2 writes:

    Dosbox enables me to play MMs 3-6 and SoX, but its present set-up won't cope with MM1 or MM2. I've got an old (vintage also ca. 1998) laptop on which I can play MMs 6-8, but it won't run MM9. That's not a huge loss, although I shall miss the Chasm of the Dead and the Lich Lab.

    I've had to replace my desktop and upgrade the software in my "modern" (ahem! Win7 vintage) laptop, so my working computers now run under either Win10 or Win98.

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