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Hoo-boy! Amen, brother
04/06/2020, 13:17:26

    The Elf writes:

    These days, Bard's Tale is giving me fits. There's an inexpensive (around $20 U. S.)remastered version of the trilogy available now. I remember the old versions from around 1985--highly pixilated and fairly difficult. Now the graphics are up-to-date, and the games themselves are slightly modernized (auto-mapping available now, instead of drawing dungeons, frame by frame, on quadrille graph paper, SLIGHT loosening of rules, etc. The aforementioned fits are due to lack of co-ordination. Fortunately, the games are truly turn-based, so there's no fighting the clock!

    Incidentally, according to the discussion pages, many players wax nostalgic about M&M, too. Hmmm. I wonder if Inexile would be interested in remastering any of our old faves?

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