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Sadly, I have no idea about those. However, I would add one item of my own to the list...
10/02/2019, 16:32:07

    Ramillies writes:

    When I was translating MM6 into my native language of Czech, I naturally had to translate all the message scrolls. There is one scroll that describes how the Baa people in New Sorpigal tried to use a "Curse of Endless Vermin" on the town, but how the spell backfired and the endless vermin infested their own temple instead, which then had to be hastily abandoned.

    It's quite fun to read, so I scoured the Abandoned Temple for this scroll. In the process, I found some rooms that I had never known about before, but all the searching was in vain.

    So I would add a question: do any of you remember finding such a message scroll in the temple?

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