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Item Questions -- MM6 and 7
09/30/2019, 10:03:15

    Eric B writes:

    OK, so recently I had come across a site with a list of items from Might & Magic VI and VII; as I poked through it, I came across a few items that I don't recall ever seeing during my numerous playthroughs of the game. One, by poking around here, I was able to find -- the sewer key. (Nice reference to MM6 on that, by the way!)

    Also, by poking around, I found some info on the Vampire's Cape; good explanations on both items, as well as the teeth from MM6, were found here by doing a bit of digging.

    But as for the others? Unable to find anything on:
    *Pouch of bat guano (MM6)
    *Fire Amulet (MM6)
    *Thigh Bone (MM7)
    *Flower (Rose) (MM7)
    *Lich Jar Placeholder (Message scroll) (MM7)

    Were these merely items put in just to test something, or did NWC actually have plans for these, and decide to omit them at some point, for whatever reason?

    Thanks for any insight on these (Or any other items not listed here!)

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