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Well, your incessant talking about how awesome Shrapmetal was made me to expect that.
08/26/2019, 09:47:39

    Ramillies writes:

    When I saw that it won't be able to bring down a dragon, I said to myself: "Hmmmm, what could be wrong?" Only then I made a rough calculation of the expected damage and saw that I really had no reason to expect that .

    It only made me a bit upset because at that point, it almost looked like that disposing of them with good old melee weapons worked just as well as Shrapmetal. (I would never imagine how powerful would a CCSS party be in a normal melee until I tried myself. Especially the sorcerers with two daggers get so many attacks in, and if every fifth or so is for triple damage (easily exceeding 100), it just adds up so fast.)

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