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Yes! I had forgotten just how relentless. . .
08/28/2019, 12:31:51

    The Elf writes:

    . . .all the fighting was. Most RPG's follow a pattern thus:
    1. Enter dungeon, poke around a bit
    2. Find that the place isn't deserted, as it first appeared
    3. Fight off a few monsters
    4. Recalculate: fight off more monsters
    5. Go to next room/level, repeat steps 2 - 4
    6. Enter last room
    7. Fight off myriad monsters
    8. Start to leave, but wait!
    9. Fight off tough Boss
    10. Breathe sigh of relief.

    MM's, though, are a bit different. EVERY room or level has tons of monsters. You will probably fight well over 100 of them before you kill the Boss, and maybe even some after he's disposed of. In defense though, I'll admit that MM's are among the very few games that allow you to save in the midst of a battle and teleport in and out to heal up before continuing. (When we tackled the Werewolf Lair, I think we TP'ed in and out more than 30 times.)

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