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Hey, what happened?!
08/23/2019, 20:51:47

    The Elf writes:

    I started yet another team (mainly because, being a confirmed Monty Python fan, I just had to have a Paladin named Sir Spamalot, to go with my M.A.S.H. movie fave [but definitely not the TV show] Dago Red as Cleric, Marie LeBeau [long-ago voodoo queen from N'walluns {that's "New Orleans} to you non-southerners] as Sorcerer, and Dr. Strangelove as the other Sorcerer.)
    I had happily got the crew up to level 22, with Water Mastery and a pair of Lloyd'ses, and hopped over to Blackshire to get them into Light Magic. (Our rep was Saintly, so I wanted to get Light Mastery ASAP.) Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough cash on hand to get admission to the Light vendors, Light skill for Dago Red, and Day of the Gods. So naturally, I made a hasty withdrawal from Jon van Canegham's handy-dandy Midnight Bank Vault (aka NWC.) Yikes! Our rep is now down to "Angelic," with no change in the numeric figure. Donating doesn't seem to help any.
    Oh, well. Back to the drawing board!

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