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Reputation time decay and negative rep changers ***spoiler***...
08/22/2019, 16:30:53

    ragwort writes:

    DAILY rep decay occurs @ 3:00am. Decay is to 0. If rep < -1515 first decay sets to -1500. Between -1500 and 1500 daily rep decay is 1% rounded up (+/-1410 decays to +/-1395, 1395 decays to 1381, 200 decays to 198, 101 decays to 99). I’m making assumption that Saintly rep > 1515 first decay sets to 1500.
    With 0 (Average) rep Armageddon’d NS for -3800 rep (very Notorious, 38 peasants in NS?) 3:00am decay set to -1500. Appears Armageddon’g NS is around 28 peasant overkill, though some might find this an even bigger rush.
    Did some rep testing. Hire Gypsy(100), Duper(200), Pirate(500) and/or Burglar(2000) TEMPORARY -200 rep each. Donating @ Baa Temple -200 rep down (at least) to 0 (Average) from 200 (Respectable). Selling human bone -50 rep. Killing peasant w/ dagger -100 rep. Killing first peasant w/ bow -150 rep, additional peasants w/ bow -100 rep. Four quests yield negative rep points(-200, -200, -928, -976). Donating @ good temple +200 rep up to 200 max (Respectable). Many quests yield positive rep points. Must have <=-1000 for Notorious and =>1000 for Saintly.
    My preference to achieve Notorious is to kill peasants in Temple of Snake since these peasants can’t be hired.

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