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Whoa! I've been misssing out.
08/22/2019, 11:49:06

    The Elf writes:

    All my eligible Mirror-path characters are expert in both Light and Dark. One is missing level 12 in Dark, another in Light. I've been donating like mad to the Temple, but no reaction so far. So two more questions:

    1. Which counts for more: the amount of money donated, or the number of times you donate? In other words, does donating 20 times at 2gp count the same as once at 40gp?

    2. If the number of donations counts more, does it require separate visits? Should I pay all at once, or pay, run back out, pay again, repeat ad infinitum?

    Peter2, as far as I know, the only ship to N. Alamos sails from Silver Cove on Wednesdays. Even so, you have to walk or fly from there to the island that contains the trainer's house. (This from a hand-drawn map from c. 1998.)

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