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Two questions:
08/20/2019, 14:19:51

    The Elf writes:

    1. I assume that "Notorious" plus skill level 12 is required for Dark Magic mastery. Is there any way to gain this rep without using Armageddon? I've donated and donated to whatever Temple of Baa I'm using at the time, but never seem to get beyond "Vile." I've got 3 members at level 12, but am having to wait to gain Mastery, because they're too weak to survive the Titans. (And my arthritic fingers won't allow a quick race in, get the promotion, then quickly teleport out.)

    2. Is the Shadow Guild Hideout in the Frozen Highlands one of those horrid things where if you make even one mistake, you have to start the whole thing over? Specifically, I know you have to step on every "safe" tile to trigger the teleporter, but does stepping on even one trapped tile mean you have to start over in the maze? If so, I can't think of any treasure worth all the trouble.

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