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I keep coming back to Peter2's desire to be able to restart mm6 (and other games) without knowing anything....
08/09/2019, 22:54:52

    ragwort writes:

    There are so many ways to play this game. I prefer character development before quests (as seen in link in test post below). It is possible to run around as level 1's (w/ a little flying) and lock in 66 horseshoes on the ground, 52 outside stables by 13Jan. There're so many little tricks and going to Dragonsands is a great place to learn some of them. Rather then spend a lot of time exchanging posts here I recommend that since we're in same time zone, click ragwort above and drop me an email w/ your address. I'll send you my phone number. A few phone calls will get info and ideas across faster. A few ales will be required though....

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