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Yes, that's the only way I was able to survive!
08/09/2019, 22:04:11

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Previously, I'd have one person touch the pillar, run into the headquarters until I could heal everyone, go back and let another person touch it, etc., until everyone had their chance. By then practically everyone was at death's door, so it took a considerable amount of healing. I know I used to get back to New Sorpigal without the Beacon or Portal, but I can't remember how. In fact, I don't even remember exactly where you touch inside the Shrine to get inside NWC. (And it was from some long-ago TELPer that I even learned about NWC. I never found it on my own. Peter2 taught me about the suit of armor in Goblinwatch. Fruit Fly and Ribannah, I believe, were the ones who knew all about the tree-Easter eggs in MM8. I think it was Ribannah who even posted all their co-ordinates!)

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