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— The oxymoronic constructions seem to be pretty common in other languages, too.
06/18/2019, 18:20:01

    Ramillies writes:

    For instance, we in Czech often say "hrozně" or "strašně" (lit. terrible or horrible) to exaggerate things. "Mám se hrozně dobře." = lit. "I have a terribly good time," which needs to be understood like "I have a very good time."

    I guess this is a bit in the same vein as the English words "awesome" and "awful". Both of those seem to derive from the same word "awe", and still they have totally opposite meanings.

    (Sadly, I don't plan visiting America any time soon, and not even any time late. But if it somehow happened that I emerged there, I can let you know. )

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