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And here's you a pint!
06/19/2019, 16:12:19

    The Elf Herself writes:

    Forgot to mention: I just finished ageing and cask-conditioning a keg or two of Elf's Grammarian Grolsch, my latest Elf brew. In case you've never had a mug of my magical Elf ales, they taste just the way you want them to. If for any reason you don't imbibe alcoholic beverages, when you drink you won't have any alcohol at all. If you prefer a stronger drink, it will taste like the finest, peati-est Islay Scotch, or 100% blue agave tequila, Napoleon brandy, slivovitz or whatever you prefer. But no matter how much you drink, you will only get happy, never drunk. You'll be able to pass a sobriety taste. So cheers, everybody! (And here's you and yours an extra pony keg, Bones--just because.)

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  • P. P. S. - The Elf Herself ( Wed 19-Jun-19 18:13:40 )