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Yes, it is indeed an easter egg -- though not like that.
02/08/2017, 16:27:19

    Sudo writes:

    It's the New World Computing *sword through the earth* from the logo!
    It's simply a sword blade! how can I have been so blind!

    I was searching for treasures and triggers all over Castle Ironfist, yet it was right in front of me. Though it's just a subtle easter egg, I'm glad that it finally makes sense.
    As it really is a strange formation.

    Do take a look at it yourself! If only it had a metal texture, it would totally stand out as a sword blade!

    Oh, and also I was wrong about it being a stand-alone object, by seeing flat grass terrain under it. But I have looked through other steep hills to see that there is a general ground-level of grass everywhere... which is strange, but there it is.

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